Lori's Monthly Newsletter

JUNE 2019

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May 2019 is in the books!

What an amazing month it has been. I hope all of you who live in the Deep South enjoyed your 2 1/2 weeks of spring!

When I write my newsletter, I just go through my calendar and let you know what has happened in my life during the month.

I've taught three yoga classes for Beth, my yoga teacher, while she is away, trekking across Spain. It has been a great push for me. Because of her, I have come to love yoga. Not long ago a friend mentioned that her Bible study teacher said yoga is "of the Devil." I told her my take on it: Anything that gently tones and stretches the human body as perfectly as yoga does couldn't have come from the devil. He specializes in corrupting good things. Yoga can be practiced without the influence of strange gods.

I spent May 7-11 visiting my friend Carla and her daughter Hannah in Cary, North Carolina. I had a fabulous time!

Because Carla had to work some, I went on a solo excursion to Blowing Rock, NC, where Carla recommended I visit. It's a quaint and charming town with plenty of restaurants, a bakery, and dozens of waterfalls to hike to. It's less than an hour from Sugar Mountain. I ate some great North Carolina barbecue for lunch and splurged on a stellar lemon square from the bakery. I came home and told my family that it would be a great place to go for Thanksgiving.

The swinging bridge was at the top of Grandfather Mountain, about twenty minutes from Blowing Rock. It was 1 mile high and overlooked a gorgeous valley. The picture of me in the white jacket was taken on the point to the far right of the swinging bridge.

I also visited the Raleigh Little Theatre Rose Garden. I can't imagine a better rose garden experience. Every bush was in full bloom and the weather was perfect.

I visited North Carolina State's JC Raulston Arboretum and botanical garden in Raleigh and Reynolda Gardens in Winston-Salem, NC.

Our writers' group met on the 14th. I didn't have anything ready to read this month, but I listened to some amazing work by the other members. I'm so thankful for this group!

I got to spend time with my children on Mother's Day. So grateful for them and proud to be their mama!

Brad and I went on an excursion with a group from our church to Orange Beach on Saturday, the 18th. We went on a dolphin cruise and ate some yummy seafood. I slept stretched out on the back seat of the van on the way home. That brought back memories of many late night returns on a church bus in my youth!

Brad celebrated his 60th birthday this month! We had hamburgers in the backyard with his parents and Michael. I forgot to take pictures, but we ate on the table he just built from old oak boards that were stored in our barn and some posts from our old deck!

Our songwriters' group met for the second time this month. One of our members wrote a song from an exercise we did last month.

Brad and I have worked hard in our garden.

As always, I covet your remembrance of me and my family in your prayers, and you remain in mine.

Blessings be yours throughout the month of June. I hope you will be encouraged by my blog post on gratitude.